Welcome to my blog! Why anyone wants to read about my life is sometimes beyond me, but I enjoy talking about things that have happened, things I love, and experiences that have changed my life. I'm a twenty something living in Chicago working in the tech startup space while working part time as an indoor cycling instructor. When I'm not overcommitting myself to activities, I enjoy playing with my dog and running.

 Photo by Stephen Cheong-Leen

Photo by Stephen Cheong-Leen

Brands With Which I'm Associated 

In the interest of being fair and keeping people informed, I want to let you know for which brands I am an ambassador and with which teams/groups I run. These are the brands for which I am specifically called an ambassador, and there may be other brands that send me samples/things to try. I do my best to thank them in posts so you know they gifted me something. I will never, ever give a fake opinion on a product. If I don't like it, I don't discuss it. If I do like it, I'm gonna tell you about it! If I am ever paid to promote a product (hey, a girl can dream!), I will designate it with #ad and will post an FTC disclosure at the bottom of the post in bold.

Brand ambassadorships

  • Second Skin Apparel Ambassador
  • Balega Impi
  • Team Nuun 
  • Lifeway Kefir
  • FRE Skincare
  • Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Chicago


  • EDGE Athlete Lounge - Running Team (Chi '17, F^3 '18)