The Traveling Tempest

Who isn't a fan of a solid alliteration?

Today, I got the most exciting email of my life...or at least the most exciting email I've seen in a while. 

You read that right. My passport arrives by next Monday, and I'm beginning to plan a trip that I sincerely believe will change my life.

For those of you who don't know, I've been trying to plan a trip to Paris, alone, for over a year. My parents are definitely not thrilled with the idea, but it's something that I really feel like I need to do. I so badly want to travel abroad, and all of the events and things I've done alone have profoundly changed my life and the way I look at the world.

As I've mentioned before, I've gotten involved with the Nike Training Club thanks to my friend Jenn. I've decided I'm going to start training for my run through 2016 with the Nike Run Club. I'm hoping that the team-like atmosphere will help hold me accountable. Along those lines, NikeWomen is having what they call their "Victory Tour" this year--a series of races across the world. I was looking at the Atlanta and Los Angeles races, but noticed that in September (the month I was planning to go to Paris) there's a race in London...and Jenn is looking into possibly going to that race as well. With a little luck, that race will come close to Octoberfest, and I won't be 100% alone on all of my trip, as I can run that race in London with Jenn! Cross your fingers that the race date lines up!

Copyright to NikeWomen

Copyright to NikeWomen

And so this year you have my travels to look forward to! Hopefully they provide plenty of entertainment and a lot of life lessons.