Hitting My Stride

Moving to Chicago has been both extremely liberating and frustratingly trying. 

Adjusting was tough. I felt alone, faced a heartbreak, wasn't enjoying my hobbies, and overall was just struggling to find my place in my new home. But now, nearing the end of March and 6 months in to living here, I've finally hit my stride and have fallen in love with Chicago and the people I've met here.

My fitness families at Yoga Six and Nike+ have really helped me to find my place here. I'm running again, I'm consistently attending yoga, and I've eating healthier...not quite healthy, but healthier. 

I'm going to take the next few posts over the coming weeks to talk about things I've learned through running and yoga. Thinks from athleisure for everyday, fitness fashion for the gym and the trail, and health related tips and tricks that I've likely learned the hard way. 

My first race is next Sunday (April 3) and I'll be sure to share photos and let you know how it goes!!


Photo by Stephen Cheong-Leen

Photo by Stephen Cheong-Leen