Nike+ Women Brahaus in Chicago

I know. This is way damn late. But haven't you guys come to expect that of me by now? Two weeks ago was a week for the girls (you know, your girls) at the Nike+ studio in Chicago. Nike held miniature launch parties and workouts for its new Nike Pro Bra line Monday through Thursday of last week, and it was a total blast. Not only was it educational (i.e. I've been wearing bras with cups two sizes too small), it reintroduced me to Nike bras (I've been into Lululemon lately) and gave me a kickass workout while it was at it. 

If you're built like me, odds are you've been teased about chairing the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee) your entire life. Well, thanks to the Nike Brahaus, I can laugh in the faces of those people and inform them that my 8.5" cup size is a D! That's right. Not so itty bitty now, huh? The measurements the awesome Nike team took were educational not only for my normal bra size (thanks for the lies, Victoria's Secret) but they helped me choose the proper sizes of my sports bras as well.

The workouts, with the fabulous Betina Gozo and Jennifer Anderson Cohen, were top notch as well. I especially appreciated the Mobility exercise. I tend to forget that active recovery (instead of sitting on my couch and binge watching Stranger Things as recovery) is a crucial part of training. If you're anything like me, I would definitely recommend the NTC mobility training. If you're local to Chicago, you can book a spot through the new NTC app (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) or by visiting

This week has several fun updates for my blog, including a recap of the Unlimited Chicago Decathlon (during which I managed to embarrassingly fall) and my take on how to wear athleisure to the office. Stay tuned for updates!