Controlling What I Consume + a Contest!

I'm spending this January creating healthy habits. I don't want my new lifestyle, which has me so happy currently, to fade as the newness of 2017 today, so I'm creating habits. It takes not only time to build a habit (studies show it takes 21 days!) but it takes time and persistence. Healthy consumption (both food and drink) is just one of the habits I'm building in 2017 that I hope to carry through the foreseeable future. 

Tropicana Nutrition Facts

Tropicana Nutrition Facts

I've decided to cut back on my Red Bull (emergencies only, like 5 hours of sleep or fewer) and my sugar consumption in drinks entirely, with the only exception being juice. Naturally occurring sugar just...doesn't count to me. I mean it obviously counts, but it's not in the same category as added sugar in my brain. I'm a fan of Juice Rx in Old Town and Real Good Juice (also in Old Town, like <1 mile from Juice Rx) for my juice fix when I have some cash to burn, and when I'm feeling budget conscious I stick to good old fashioned Homestyle Tropicana. I prefer the version with extra calcium and Vitamin D, and it's only a few cents more. It's nutrition facts are to the right!!

I know, I know. No Red Bull? Then how am I surviving! Coffee. Tea and coffee. ANd I feel a lot better. The combination of the water intake and a healthy breakfast (more on that later this week) with a good old break room coffee (we have Starbucks drip coffee in our break room and Dunkin' K-Cups, I add one creamer and one stevia) has me needing less caffeine and feeling more focused and energized throughout the day. 

A little additional blurb I wanted to mention is my love of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I add it to coffee, smoothies, BCAAs, and even Nuun and Gatorade. I've noticed a significant difference in my skin in particular while using it. They're running an Instagram Contest right now that you can check out the rules for here!

One major habit I'm cultivating is drinking more water. Currently, I'm working on 57 oz. a day or more, and I'm tracking it accurately with my Hidrate Spark Water bottle. I'm in love with it. 

I love my bottle so much that I'm giving one away! Thank you so much to everyone who follows my blog and instagram. I'm giving you two ways to win! 

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Thank you all for being amazing and supportive! I hope I can inspire you a bit today, as you all have inspired me.


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