#TakeAShowerWithUs: Hair Story New Wash

Raise your hand if you remember Wen. Okay, maybe don’t raise your hand if you’re in public or something…or do. If people think you’re weird they leave you alone, which on public transit is a good thing more often than not.

Anyway, back to Wen. Until it started (allegedly) making women go bald, Wen was hailed as the ultimate hair saver. The non-detergent hair cleanser gave you clean hair without absolutely destroying it and stripping away the oils it's supposed to have naturally. For those of us who like to play with our hair color, it sounded like a lifesaver. But since most of us are horrified with the prospect of balding due to some sort of unidentifiable ingredient reaction in a cleanser, it just wasn't an option.

Until Hairstory came out with brilliant product New Wash. The brainchild of the creators of Bumble and Bumble, New Wash completely upped the "co-wash" game. I got a bottle of it to try for 30 Days, and now I'm reporting back to tell you how the 30 Days went, in total honesty, and how I'm using the product in my routine now.

So I will say that at the end of the 30 days, my hair was much softer and healthier. The flipside to this was that I was spending a lot of extra time both shampooing and styling, because you HAVE to blow dry after using this cowash or your hair will be flat (I have medium thickness hair, for reference.)

I will credit it with 100% saving the ends of my hair. I went from my beautician saying he would probably need to remove 5" of my hair when I went in in March to only having to have 2" removed in May! And I love how well it protects my color. 

The one drawback I had of this cowash was that it just didn't remove all of the oil and sweat from my hair after extra heavy workouts. It just wasn't quite enough to get my hair completely clean after Barry's and SoulCycle. 

Now, post-30 day challenge, I'm still using Hairstory in place of my shampoo for the majority of the week, and am using my custom shampoo from Function of Beauty after workouts. It's a nice balance that still keeps the best attributes of Hairstory while keeping my hair clean during tough, sweaty workouts. 

Bottom Line: Would I recommend it? Yes! I love it as my "every day, non-extra-sweaty workout" shampoo. I especially love how it's prolonging my hair color. I would just recommend a normal shampoo once or twice a week if you work out.

See my results below, on the evening of Day 30 of nothing but New Wash!