You aren't what you eat

It’s time to get real. This silly unicorn frapp insanity on social media has prompted a post that I should have written ages ago. First and foremost, check out my friend Mary’s post on this subject Here. She has a unique perspective on this that I don’t.

You aren’t what you eat. You are a product of your habits and lifestyle, but you aren’t what you eat. That over simplifies it.

Healthy habits are what create you. Having balanced meals and being active make you. Being happy and taking time to destress and be grateful every day...those choices make you. One unicorn Frappuccino, one candy bar, one big mac. They don’t make you. You are not what you eat.

We like to group things into black or white. Bad or good. It’s easier that way, you know? Grey areas are difficult to navigate and require more thought and consideration, and we’re all too busy to try to parse through all of it. So we narrow it down to good or bad, and in the health and fitness world, we tend to decide that on food by two things, primarily: sugars and calories.

The point of my post is this: stop punishing yourself for having treats and letting loose every now and then. I mean if you’re eating like high school Brittany and downing a big mac and nachos bell grande a day, maybe slow down a bit because that’s a one way ticket to clogged artery city, but one sugary latte, one burger, one Snickers bar occasionally isn’t going to hurt you!

Look at it this way: say you have an amazing day of eating super healthy. You did super well and are very proud of yourself. Now look in the mirror; do you look different? Are you magically Arnold Schwarzenegger? No? Okay. I had a unicorn frapp yesterday, and guess what? I haven’t been asked to be on an episode of My 600lb Life on TLC, and I’m not in diabetic shock.

I saw a friend in one Facebook group I’m a part of mention something very true: this targeting of this drink and pointing out the sugar to people is part of what she eloquently called “hater culture.” Sounds funny, but it’s not. It’s a lighthearted way to point out that everyone is a bully nowadays, in part due to the ease and sometime anonymity of social media. This is so prevalent in fitstagram, and I’m not going to let my blog and Instagram be a place where it happens, even inadvertently.

Stop feeling guilty for eating occasional treats. Please stop bullying others for it. Look at yourself with the respect you deserve. Please don’t pass up on girls’ nights and double dates because you can’t have one semi-unhealthy meal (most places will offer a healthier option, including virgin drinks). Stop passing up on vacations because you are afraid you’ll gain weight.

Love your life, LIVE your life! You only get one of them, and when it comes down to it you’re going to remember fun experiences with friends, gimmicky fun sugary drinks, and crazy outings more than you’ll remember that lunch of rice and veggies (one of my favorites, mind you) that you had at your desk job.