Walking on Air: Air Society Chicago

I had the privilege of spending Saturday, July 8 at the Air Society Chicago HQ with a packed house of amazingly inspiring, wise women. I want to recap for you here the awesome experience I had, so this post will be part photo-diary of the fun food and events I experienced as well as what the event meant to me and how I am taking the advice I was given and moving forward

Photo Diary (Click to enlarge!)

What I Took Away from this Event

This event meant a lot to me. Yeah, it was cool getting free braids and manicures and a cute tote and free food, but what meant more to me was meeting the amazing women I met and had the honor of listening to.

Sarah from Vichcraft was asked one question in particular that resonated with me, about the value of both your work and you as a person and as a woman. How do we impart the worth of our work/products/etc on others as professional women, when so many men in positions above us are so quick to label us, even if only mentally, as a "silly girl?" It's tricky, but Sarah pointed out that a lot of it comes from your conviction and belief in yourself. If you client isn't willing to pay what you are worth, maybe consider that other clients might value your work more. Not every client is a good client and it's important to set the precedent that you won't be bullied into taking less than you deserve.

Okay, okay, that first one is specific to business. But in general, there's a message to be seen here about the worth of women. Cynics will say that the world already knows our worth and that any events or moments celebrating it are aimed to "push us to higher status than men" but let's be honest; if they're saying that, I don't really care what they say anyway. Women are still working to have the same luxury of a harassment-free existence that most men enjoy. We live in a time where the president compliments a woman TO HER HUSBAND about her appearance and NOTHING else. And that's pretty fucked up and crass. Ladies, we're worth more than that. We are more than the sum of our aesthetics. We are strong, intelligent, powerful human beings who deserve a place in the world, socially and in a corporate setting. 

I'll leave this short blurb with this: this event taught me to know my worth and not let the bastards grind me down, and I hope that as 2017 progresses, you learn that as well.