An Injury and What I'm Doing About It

Hi everyone! It's been a wink since I wrote and I wanted to update everyone on what's been going on with my running. 

In the fist training long run of F^3 Training with EDGE, I noticed an incredible pain in my right knee. A couple of week prior, I had felt a weird "twinge" in it during a Barry's Bootcamp class and kinda assumed it was nothing, but after this 7 mile run it was clear that wasn't the case. 

It felt odd and I hadn't done anything to injure it--it was a gradual SHARP pain that started above my knee and curved down through the middle and into my shin. It hurt the most when I bent my knee past 90 degrees. Super weird, and not even Athletico knew what to tell me except to do a few exercises and avoid running until the new year (now), as my hips, core, and glutes were weak.


I've been training at POE Strong in the Loop, which was founded by a Physical Therapist and his son. Dr. Miller took a look for me one day after my training session, after I described the pain. He did the similar "resistance" style tests that Athletico did, but rather than ending his diagnosis at "weak hips and glutes" like Athletico, he narrowed down WHICH hip. And guess which it was? The right. Big time. Even I could see it as he started to push against my right leg that my left came over to compensate. After that, he put his elbow into my hip crease and we found an INCREDIBLY tight knot. Like one of those knots that almost makes you jump off the table, it hurts so badly. I could feel pain radiating from it down to my knee.

So I watched my EDGE teammates with FOMO and continued the PT exercises I was given, in addition to my indoor cycling, which didn't bother it nearly as much as running, and yoga. My daily moves that I did for my hips were "clamshells" as we called them in high school (I'll never not call them that), squats, and kickbacks with heavy bands around my shins/calves. Gradually I started to notice a slight increase in strength, enough so that I have ran three times now PAIN FREE! 


As I continue to work on my NASM CPT, I will continue to add strengthening workouts that I may not have thought of, and I'll update you with the full routine hopefully in a couple of months, after I'm sure I've had some success with it. In the meantime, I've been doing TORCH classes at Studio Three, yoga at CorePower and indoor cycling at Cycle X! I'm beginning to broaden my horizons as I continue my CPT program, hoping to branch into teaching strength or interval. I'll keep you posted on that.

Additionally, I'm participating in the $250k Challenge! It's a challenge that chooses monetary winners based on their transformations between now and April! Follow along on my instagram! CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW!

ALSO! Final thing to mention: I did get an AWESOME Gilt City deal on CrossTown Fitness I'm going to activate on Monday. I got a month unlimited for like $30 or something, because there's a deal on it on Gilt City and Gilt City has been running a 30% off January Promo! Not sponsored, but if I were you I'd definitely check it out! Cycle X is on there as well!

I'll keep you posted as I keep busting my rear!