Nike BraHaus 2018

Phew! It’s been a while and it’s been a whirlwind! Catching up and reporting back to you all this week on a few awesome events that have been going on, starting with Nike Chicago’s Just Do It for Her event, Brahaus!

Photo c/o Nike

Photo c/o Nike

First and foremost, I am eternally grateful for Nike having me! I’m loving all these events leading up to the marathon—it’s really getting me in the spirit and getting me ready!

On the tail of Nike Race_003 (that recap is coming this week!), was the Just Do It for Her event, Brahaus! For my lady runners and athletes out there, you know how the right bra, be it light support, or something heavier, can make or break your workout. In yoga, something with more support might feel suffocating. While running, something with light support might be painful. And with everything, a bra rubbing the wrong way or digging into your skin can ruin a workout.

20180905 - JDI HQ at the Brahaus - Beauty-14.jpg
20180905 - JDI HQ at the Brahaus - Beauty-13.jpg

Nike Chicago was host to two amazing women when I visited, runner Emily Infield and Nike bra designer Nicole Rendone. It was so interesting listening to both speak to how the right bra makes performing so much smoother!

Chatting with Nicole (before I knew who she was) I mentioned that as a member of the IBTC (google that if you don’t know) I often don’t pay enough attention to my bras. And I also expressed that the precedent of the “hot, thin, ab-tastic” spin instructor as created by SoulCycle means that I often workout in just a bra, even though I am neither hot nor ab-tastic. I want the bra to be cute, of course, but functional and comfortable. The Nike fall styles hit that combo 100%.

20180905 - JDI HQ at the Brahaus - Beauty-17.jpg
20180905 - JDI HQ at the Brahaus - Beauty-18.jpg

I was crunched for time (I was there over my office-job lunch hour) so I didn’t get to chat with Emily until I messaged her on Instagram that evening. My question for her was how she avoids feeling burnt out, and how she keeps her love of running alive. Emily emphasized balance between work and fun as a way she avoids burnout—just like you would have work-life balance at a job.

I got to pick out a bra to have customized (c/o Nike) and chose the strappy new Nike Indy Logo sports bra (linked HERE) to customize, as the Nike Indy JDI bra (linked HERE) wasn’t available in the pop up in a small (don’t worry, I came back and bought it on Sunday!) I got my Instagram handle on one, and my childhood nickname (my dad STILL calls me it) on the other, plus cute Chicago specific designs!


Quick photos of my bras below! I haven’t gotten a chance to take some action photos yet, but those are coming!

Lots of exciting things are happening at Just Do It HQ this week and next, leading up to the marathon! I’ll keep you posted!