Nike Just Do It HQ for Her Marathon Sneak Peek

So many Nike adventures leading up to the Marathon and I’m so excited to share them with you! Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well, as I will post stories from the events in the moment!

20180906 - JDI HQ at Brahaus - Beauty-7.jpg

Chatting today about the Nike Just Do It HQ for Her Marathon Gear preview event! Ugh, I loved it and I can’t wait to gush about it!


Okay, so let’s take it from the top! I arrived at the event and was led to pick out a 2018 Chicago Marathon tank! I LOVE the design—it has the name of the neighborhoods printed in a fun, artistic way all over the top mesh, and the actual logo is clean and simple. Absolutely beautiful. I chose red and to be safe, I tried on an XS and a Small. So a note on fit: if you want to knot the shirt and make it a crop, go with your normal size (for me, a small). If you want it to fit like a singlet, size down (I went with the XS). I heard this feedback from multiple people, so definitely try it on first!


From there, I went over to the customization station for more custom heat press appliques! We had up to 4 spots to put things: front center (large applique) both front bottom corners (small applique) and back (I put my nickname there!). I ended up with a big pink swoosh with the skyline outlined in it (red + pink = Glossier vibes anyone?) front and center, a small skyline + bean + Navy Pier Ferris Wheel on the bottom right, and my nickname from when I was a kid across the back!

From there, I changed into my new customized tank and was taken over to a photography area, where my makeup was mostly removed (but they did cover pimples and dark circles with a dab of foundation) and my hair was put up “as I wear it when I run,” which for me is a high ponytail, with my hair straightened. They were committed to recreating my run look, to the point if they asked if I usually run in my Chicago Flag necklace (I do). I was introduced to a photographer, and he set up the expectations.

I was going to relive my last 26.2 through facial expressions. He would give me a prompt, we’d discuss it, I’d close my eyes, and when I opened them, I was to let my emotions show on my face. With that direction, they came over, sprayed fake sweat on my face, neck and chest, and we were off.


It was emotional. I’m excited to see my gritty facial expressions from the “last 10k” of the race (as best I could replicate them). He even had me speak to him about what I was most emotional about when running (seeing my dad at Mile 4) and had me elaborate to the point I almost cried, then recreated the big grin I know I gave my dad that day (because dad got a picture).

I haven’t seen any of these photos yet, and I won’t until right before the marathon.

And with that, I was handed a towel to wipe off the fake sweat, I said my goodbyes, and headed back out into reality for a reflective walk home. I’m more excited for the marathon than ever at this point, and Nike isn’t even done with the surprises yet!

Don’t worry, I’ll share the photos when I get them!