Air Max Day 2019: Department of Unimaginable

I think I'm becoming a Sneakerhead.

Like okay, maybe not as intense as a lot. An amateur Sneakerhead? A Shoephile? I'm not sure what to call it, but I own more shoes than Leggings at this point and that says something.

Recently, Nike gifted me a pair of the NEW Air Max 720s in a sick, iridescent black and blue-green colorway for Air Max Day 2019. I'm obsessed with them--they fit my punk/goth but make it athleisure style flawlessly. 

With the shoes came the opportunity to hit up the Nike Chicago Department of Unimaginable last Friday (March 29, 2019). As I posted about it and started to tell friends about it, they kept saying "Yeah okay, but what IS it?" and I wasn't really sure how to answer. So I went into the event pretty blind--I wasn't really sure what it was at all, but I was hyped nonetheless. 

I whipped out my Nike Speed tights in iridescent purple/blue from the Nike x Nordstrom collection, my favorite light blue Nike tank, and my favorite Zara studded leather jacket to go with the 720s. Again: punk but make it athleisure. Once I was suited up, I headed to the Department of Unimaginable in the Loop (conveniently, it was only a block from my office!)


Once I came in, I got my credentials made, as well as made an awesome Chicago-focused filter for a Polaroid! I snagged some coffee and water, then headed to donate some air. I blew up a little tiny beach ball, stuck my name on it, and contributed it to the Department. From there I explored a bit until it was time for our workshop: Design on Air.


Chelsey Carter, a Chicago designer, walked us through her process and inspirations. Chelsey is one hell of an amazing designer, and her designs have been featured in Italian Vogue! Her website is HERE if you want to check out her work!

After this, she set us free to design our own shoe. Or we were supposed to. I basically made a shoe mood board. At one point I was asked "Britt is that a Disney Princess shoe?" and like it wasn't...but it also definitely was. They had every fabric, color, air source (think ping pong balls, bubble wrap, cotton balls, packing peanuts), and cool add-on you could think of. Proud to say I only burned my hand on hot glue ONCE! See my masterpiece below:

brit shoe.png

It was an awesome two hour experience. I loved having time to just be me and craft. It had been a LONG time. 

2019-04-09 09_25_19-britt.jfif ‎- Photos.png

Okay, okay. The shoes. I love the 720s. I'd say they're my second favorite pair of lifestyle shoes, after the 270s. I will say, like the 270s, you need to size up by a half size. I didn't, and they hurt my toes upon fist wear. The toe-box is narrow, and the air bag in the heel pitches your foot forward. My quick solve was to peel out the glued in insole, and I wear grippy socks to keep my foot from sliding forward. With those two things, I had no toe pain at all.

The shoes are very versatile in what they go with. You can wear them with leggings, or dress them up with denim. I like them with my black, ripped skinny jeans best, I think. The color I have is definitely edgier, so I love to add leather and band tees to them. Overall, I'm a huge fan!

Do you have the 720s? Did you celebrate Air Max Day 2019? Let me know!


720 Space Selects-25.jpg