#TakeToTheOars with Oars & Alps

Let’s chat natural products. They’re not something I necessarily value excessively, but I do like using them when I can, ESPECIALLY deodorant…but probably not why you think. I’m not too afraid of aluminum, BUT I hate the way it’s so hard to wash off an antiperspirant! It’s one of my top pet peeves, and it’s the biggest reason I gravitate towards JUST deodorants and natural deodorants.

In the past few years as I’ve tried to find something that washes off clean, I’ve found several natural deodorants that do not work for me. At all. One is Native—I don’t find I need to reapply, so much as I just don’t find it prevents sweat stink well at all for me. Tom’s made layers and layers of skin peel from my pits—not pretty, also my skin was then raw. Also not fun. LaVanilla is okay, but harder to find and expensive.

Thanks to my friends at Oars and Alps, I was given a Target gift card to snag some of their new all natural deodorant—because guess what? It’s easy to find at Target! In fact, most of their line is now available for purchase at Target. I snagged two scents of deo, some soap, and their caffeinated eye stick!


Let’s talk deodorant first: I LOVE the scents. Love them. In addition, they don’t irritate the skin of my armpits at all, and I haven’t had any issues with the “detox” they mention on the label, actually. Maybe it’s because prior to purchasing, I used LaVanilla day-to-day and only applied my Degree antiperspirant for sweaty workouts? I’m not sure, but I didn’t have that “event” at all.

I DO find that I have to reapply it before an evening workout (so after work) or ATFER a morning workout (if I’m not going straight home to shower). This isn’t too shocking, as most natural deodorants I’ve tried have been this way.

Chatting soaps: the peppermint charcoal soap is my FAVORITE. I love how it smells and it’s an exfoliating bar! I don’t love the dragging, “squeaky feeling” that ANY bar soap leaves behind, so I use the peppermint charcoal soap on my pits, elbows and legs, then rinse it, then follow up with my Glossier Body Hero Oil Wash, which leaves a softer feeling behind. I definitely love the exfoliation though. I feel like I’ve scrubbed away all the stink AND all the dry skin flakes that tend to come along with winter. I HIGHLY recommend it for before shaving as well.


The eye stick has been fantastic. I have used caffeinated eye rollers before, and I find them so refreshing and helpful when I need that soothing jolt (if that makes sense) to get me ready for the day! I also use it at night right before bed, as I love the coolness of the rollerball! At $22, it’s a bit steep in price, though.


Overall, I would recommend all these products. I’ve had good luck with them so far (in the past month-ish total) and I’m happy with them! Keep your eyes peeled on March 20 for a giveaway for a target Gift Card with Oars and Alps!