Recapping Weeks 2-4 of My Nike Training Journey!

So I did a thorough update for Week 1 of my Nike Training Journey leading up to the Women's World Cup, but then I kinda fell off the wagon. As a lot of you have seen, I went to Disney World with my parents and brother, so everything was either prepping to leave or actually being on vacation in the month of May!

Unfortunately, I had to miss my session this morning (session 4) because I was driving back from North Vernon to Chicago. So I'm taking this afternoon to catch you all up on the training journey and some of the amazing things we've done/products we've tried!

The Cubs Game

Let's start with this bad boy! On May 9 Nike treated us to a Cubs game as they launched the official USA Women's World Cup jersey! We had a blast and the Cubbies won! It was neat meeting an Olympian and watching her throw the first pitch! Photos of us having a blast in our jerseys BELOW!

New Gear

Nike treated us to some new gear, including these beautiful Nike Metcon 4 XDs in a pretty, almost iridescent colorway, these Nike Tech Pack tights in Rose Gold, these Nike FE/NOM Flyknit bras, and an amazing Nike cropped sweatshirt that I can't find online, but that I loved so much I took it to Disney World. I am a HUGE fan of the Metcons so I was so excited to receive another pair.

The Workouts

I am a HUGE sucker for weight training, and that's what we've been doing! Both recent Sessions involved using the sled, free weights, squats, deadlifts, and some fun explosive movements that involved full body, including arms (I have noodle arms, so those are my faves). You can always count on Em to come through with solid form corrections and help, as well as positive motivation, but it's also nice to have the other badass ladies cheering each other on as well.

Well, you know what they say: a picture is worth 1000 words, and my brain is still fried from Disney. So please see below for some photos (taken by the badass Zoe Rain) of our training so far! We wrap things up in two weeks (on June 17) and I'll be sad to see it go! But don't worry...Marathon training starts June 11 so I won't be getting out of shape!


ZOE_RAIN_May 09, 2019_DSC7762_WEB.jpg