Runner's Review: Jaybird Sport Vista

Disclaimer: Jaybird gifted me these headphones to review. To recap: I was not paid monetarily, but was compensated in product.

My ears are small. I know if you know me you’re probably like “oh honey…” but I mean like the insides. No the canal…you know what I mean. Anyway, because of this, Apple’s earbuds (and AirPods) do not fit in my ears. Actually a lot of brands don’t.

For every day transit, I have my over-the-ears Beats Solo 3s (Mickey Mouse Edition) and my Bose Soundsport Wired headphones. I still hadn’t found a pair of reliable bluetooth earbuds that stayed in my ears through a run, and were waterproof. I tried Sudio’s Tretton (which I received to review and opted not to share, because they didn’t work very well), and I had a pair of fairly inexpensive Samsungs that were crackling and disconnecting.

Enter the Jaybird Vista. I had the opportunity to give these in-ear, totally wireless earbuds a go. Going in I was a little skeptical—I have had only bad experiences with Bluetooth headphones except my Beats, and those were very recent.

Jaybird Vista DELIVERED. They stay in and don’t budge, come with different sizes to make sure they fit properly, the charge in their case quickly (and the case charges quickly) and they have about a billion sound settings, INCLUDING a custom setting if you can’t find one you love.


I ran two races with them in September: the Mag Mile 10k and the Candy Dash 5k. They were flawless for both. I do have them on Bass Lover setting, so that burns battery a bit faster than other settings. When I finished my 10k (in 1:00:02) they had 60% battery left. Not bad—they would survive a marathon, even on the performance setting.

I did have a few slippage issues in the Candy Dash 5k, but I’m gonna be real…I think it’s because my hair was greasy AF. I haven’t had the issue any other time.

In honor of these badass buds, I have a couple of running playlists to share! One is my normal running playlist, and the other is my SPOOKY playlist for Halloween! I hope you enjoy, and if you’re looking for in-ear earbuds that stay in place and are literally made for runners, SNAG THESE!