The Great ClassPass Price Hike

As many of you ClassPass girls (and guys!) are aware, ClassPass is hiking their prices. The hikes recently hit Boston and NYC, and on June 1, the price in Chicago will go to $175 from $119. Looking at that price tag, I had to ask myself: is it worth that?

My conclusion: personally, no. I don't care much for my variety of classes (I get free Running Coaching, Barre, Yoga and Strength Training at Nike+, joined my favorite yoga studio, and budget for Soul Cycle twice a month for a total of $168/month) I do understand its appeal to those of us who don't want to get into a rut with our exercising. "Sampling" several classes is a better ift for some. 

For those of you on the fence, I decided to list out a few options that may make you reconsider your ClassPass as well. Below are some alternatives that are now in the same price range as a monthly ClassPass subscription. Click on any of the titles to see their websites!

East Bank Club

$180/month, One-Time $500 Initiation Fee

That's right. The premier fitness club in Chicago (with amazing restaurants, bars, a rooftop pool overlooking the Chicago river, and a BUNCH of special classes) is now only $5/month more than ClassPass. There's a hefty one-time fee, but damn, I call it worth it, if you've ever been there. 


$133-$140 a month, One-Time $175 Initiation Fee

Much like EBC, this upscale club is now more accessible than ClassPass, with a low initiation fee and low monthly membership fee. There are three locations in the Chicagoland area. The one in Gold Coast is in the Bloomingdale's building at 900 N Michigan, so hello multitasking. 

Chicago Athletic Clubs

$59-$109 a month, One-Time $150 Initiation Fee

Even more affordable are the Chicago Athletic Club clubs, which also offer flexibility in where you work out. They're pretty standard as far as gyms go, but the facilities tend to be clean and equipment is working, and that's all you really need.

Fitness Formula Clubs

$80-$150 a month, One-Time ~$400 Initiation Fee

Despite a hefty initiation fee, I would call FFC "worth it". Their programming is good, and the Old Town location even has a rock wall. Still more affordable than Classpass.

Yoga Six

$116/month, Unlimited ($59/month new client special) $56/month Unlimited Weekends

For those of you who utilize more of the yoga and barre types of classes, Yoga Six might encompass everything you need for $116/month. They have a variety of types of classes, including barre-style "Boot Camp" classes, and a membership allows you the flexibility to visit other Yoga Six studios nationwide. Additionally, you can get unlimited yoga on the weekends for $56/month. Bargain alert for a clean, upscale studio. (Full Disclosure: I have a membership at the Gold Coast location and if you go after reading this, tell them I sent you! ;))

CorePower Yoga

$89/month (first month), Unlimited

Much like Yoga Six, if you're after a nice, sweaty yoga-based workout, CorePower might be the place for you. Their studios are in excellent shape (I love their locker rooms, which doesn't seem important but totally is) and their teachers are great. Their options are a tad bit more narrow than Yoga Six, but if you're after more butt-kicking than relaxation, this might be the place for you!

Soul Cycle

$165 for 5 Classes

This is the biggest splurge on this list, but I think it's an excellent, fun option for people who workout once a week or so. Soul Cycle is worth the hype--the teachers are fantastic and the facilities are top notch. I left the class not only feeling energized and exhausted simultaneously, but I was practically glowing with endorphins for days after. Highly recommend you check out Hallie's classes in Old Town!

The Barre Code 

$165/month, Unlimited (New Client Special of $79/month)

I've heard nothing but excellent things about the Barre Code. I don't have many personal anecdotes on this one, but I've heard nothing but good things, and it's much more affordable than PureBarre. Give it a shot and let me know how you like it!

Air Aerial Yoga

$175/month, Unlimited (New Client Special of $100/month)

Okay, this is another where I don't have much frame of reference, but I hear nothing but amazing things from it. When I was investigating for this article, I noticed they have a location in SoHo house, which is by my office. So stay tuned for a review on them!

Nike Training Club


A lot of people book Nike+ Training Club classes through ClassPass, and I don't understand why. These classes are 100% free and you can sign up online! Click here to see my detailed post about NTC and NRC!

What do you think? Are you going to stick with ClassPass?