Trials and Tribulations of the Juice Cleanse: I failed.

So I put this off and put this off for two reasons. The first being that I totally failed, and failed hard. The second being I was on vacation this past weekend, and the third being my MacBook charger is broken. 

But yeah. I failed hard. As in, at 5pm, I stopped at the McDonald's at North and Wells and got a Big Mac meal. 

So I started my cleanse off pretty strong. For dinner the night before, I had a sliced tomato with salt and pepper and a Jucille Ball from RGJ. Even though I was at a rooftop barbeque with lots of champagne and beer, I held strong. The next morning went just as well, with me stopping in for a RGJ Sweet Dreams of Falkor smoothie from the West Loop Whole Foods location. 

Around 11 am, things got rocky. I was already starving from not having eaten (really) in 24 hours and my first juice (Juice-Pac Shakur) was disgusting. It tasted like minty lawn clippings. I just can't do green juices, guys. 

I resolved to go get a protein shake from Protein Bar to help curb my hunger. I had finished it by the time I walked back to my office. After that was juice #3 (total) of the day, which was chalk full of beets and to me, tasted like dirty. At this point I was miserable. I started on juice #4, Juicy Liu, and I just couldn't do it anymore. I got on the 8 Bus with the intention of taking the 72 bus home, which goes right past McDonald's.

So what did I learn from this? For me, the cost of a juice cleanse isn't worth it. I am too active and have too high of a metabolism to cleanse like this. Because I'm naturally so thin, I lost 4 lbs by not eating for approximately 30 hours. That's pretty scary for someone who doesn't need to lose weight.

That said, it DID help my bloated, gross feeling. My stomach really did need a quick kick to get it functioning correctly again and it worked well for that...but maybe next time I'll just have a couple of juices and some yogurt. 

I fought the juice cleanse and the juice cleanse won.