Trials and Tribulations of the Juice Cleanse: Part 2

I realize I'm late writing this, and that's basically because after carrying 5 juices 7 blocks with a dog leash in one arm, my arms were tired and I napped. #LazySunday

So I didn't get all of the photos I wanted of Real Good Juice, because there were four (!!!) dogs inside and they were all playing together (mine included). This made it tough to get any photos--I barely got the juices. But I do have photos of the juices I chose for you all.

There's not a ton of rules in terms of juicing. I mean, I chose those five, told the amazing staff members that I hated green juice, and was met with a chorus of "right on" and "let us know what you think!"s. This is both amazing (no pressure) and terrifying (not a ton of guidance, outside of the sheet that offers their pre-made cleanse). I picked four juices I think I'll like and one dreaded green juice, whose main ingredient is apples, not leaves.

My plan is to do a quick restart cleanse tomorrow. I'm barely preparing today. I'm getting Qdoba for lunch (can't stop won't stop) but am eating fruit and soup for dinner. I'm going to start my cleanse tomorrow morning with a "Sweet Dreams of Falkor" smoothie, then follow the instructions to drink one juice every two hours after. Below are my juices, in order. Stay tuned for more!

In order: Juice-Pac Shakur, Juicy Liu, Juice Bigalow, Juicille Ball (my favorite), Mister Randy Watson. (Knocking the green juice out early.)