What's in My Gym Bag: CycleBar Edition

Sorry it's been a wink. Things got weird and it was tough to find the motivation to do literally anything, but I'm back. I've got a couple of posts planned this week, starting off with this one about things I carry and products I am obsessed with in my gym bag!

I am ultra organized, so I have two different gym bags that I use: one for running, one for CycleBar/HIIT classes/etc. The running bag is a large backpack that I got for running the Flying Pig Half. I just toss anything running related in it so I have it. My normal gym bag is a bit different.

I use a small, discontinued Lululemon duffle for everything minus running. I found it on Poshmark! I like the size because it prevents me from overpacking and is easy to carry on public transit. I also am a fan because it's CycleBar red! The photos below show everything I always have with me; the variable is the shoes. If I'm going to another class or event, I'll take my cycling shoes out!

Okay, there's a lot to unpack (pun intended) here, so let's do this.

Consumable Items

Vital Proteins*: I've been a VP fangirl for about a year now. I love what it has done for my hair and skin! I like to carry one on me for post-workout coffee or even if I get post-workout drinks. It mixes into both seamlessly. More on Vital Proteins this week!

Clif Organic Energy Food*: This stuff is clutch when you have a tough workout coming up, so you don't want to eat anything heavy, but you can't fast before it either. I most commonly consume these prior to a long run or before a late-evening cycling class. They're delicious and they can more than hold you over for a class!

Propello Life Protein (Vegan): This is my post-class go-to for late classes. I don't like to eat too late at night because it upsets my stomach. Propello Life Vegan Protein to the rescue. The Whey is amazing as well, I just keep the vegan on me because no matter what state my stomach is in, the vegan is fine on it.

HotShot Muscle Cramp Relief*: This might be my holy grail product of 2017. This. Stuff. Works. It helps prevent and ease muscle cramps. This is one that's great for both my running bag and this bag. The cool thing is you can take it preventatively if your muscles are starting to seem like they're cramping. It's got a fruity spicy flavor and goes down easily in one gulp. Highly, highly recommend it.


Wearable Items

Run Forever Calf Sleeves*: I love to slip these compression sleeves on after cycling classes to actively recover, day or night. I'll head to the bathroom and put them on under my leggings and keep them on for my 30 or so minute commute home. They make a huge difference in reducing soreness and stiffness.







Tiem Indoor Cycling ShoesBest. Indoor Cycling Shoes. Ever. They look like athletic shoes, they feel like athletic shoes, and they walk like athletic shoes. The SPD cleat in the bottom is recessed, which makes walking around the studio a breeze. Additionally, you tighten them with a single velcro strap that secures tightly, rather than the tough to fasten ratchet clips. I'm an enormous fan.





Balega Socks: Hi. Meet my go-to athletic socks that it feels like no one knows about. They have a billion different styles to fit every need or preference, but the bottom line is the same: Balegas are comfortable, durable, and they keep you 100% blister free. I run in them, lift in them, cycle in them...I wear them with my normal shoes running errands. They're basically the only socks I have anymore other than my compression sleeves and my fuzzy socks I wear in boots. Check. Them. Out.




FRÉ Skincare*: Full disclosure: FRÉ sent this to me to try out. Absolute honesty: It's my favorite skincare system I have ever used. Yes, I like it even more than my Lush Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser. This stuff is the real deal. It's a three step system comprised of a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. I use it immediately following my cycling classes and guess what? Zero. Breakouts. I've used it the whole time I have been an instructor and have been training (two weeks isn't a long time but it's long enough to breakout) and I haven't had a SINGLE BREAKOUT since I started using this product. If it's nighttime, I use the cleaner, serum, and my normal nighttime moisturizer. During the day, I use all three of these products (the moisturizer has SPF 30 sunscreen in it). If you struggle from acne based around your sweaty workouts, give FRÉ a shot for real.

Vaseline Lip Therapy: This stuff has made its rounds over the years so most of you are probably aware of its awesomeness, but I love the rose scented lip therapy from Vaseline. It keeps my lips hydrated and protects them when they're chapped or cracked. I love the light scent and I use it right before I start my class, since I spend it talking.

Sweat Wipes: I like using either these or the DUDEWIPES brand body wipes on my chest and shoulders after class if I'm going straight home (which means I'm not showering). They work well to prevent backne (back acne).

The Bag and Bottle

Lululemon DTB Mini Duffle: This puppy is 3+ years old and isn't sold anymore, but you can snag it in black, red, or purple on eBay, Poshmark, or Tradesy! Mine came missing a strap, so I pulled this one from another Lulu bag I found on posh a few years ago. I paid $40 for this in nearly perfect condition, minus the strap.

CycleBar S'Well Bottle: Yes, it's actually S'Well brand. It's the real deal. And it's on sale at CycleBar. Check it out once you stop in! I love my Nebula S'Well bottle as well, and I find that I prefer the actual brand to the generic ones.

That's it! That is the entire contents of my cycling bag, minus the random sunnies I throw in and my wallet. Additionally, I always carry my Bose Soundsport headphones with me. I know they aren't pictured, and I don't use them in group workouts so they didn't really apply here, but I highly recommend them for everything from running to commuting!

What are your gym bag must-haves?




*FTC: Any product with * beside it was gifted to me to try. I did not receive any monetary compensation to post about the products. Most importantly: I ONLY posted about these products because I like them. When brands send me items to try, I do not HAVE to post about them. I only share them with you guys if I truly love them.