Current Obsession: Outdoor Voices

I tend to fall for trends. I’m only human (read: a basic white girl). But one trend I tend to be apprehensive about is new fitness gear. I am very particular about my fabrics and how my fitness clothing moves with me, wicks sweat, and wears (as in how it survives use/washes).

Because of this, I had avoided Outdoor Voices. They focused too much on recreation/chilling and not enough on performance for my liking, and it made me nervous to blindly order their clothes off the internet. When they announced a Chicago store, I was kind of excited…but also rolled my eyes. Yay, another gimmick (I thought, like the cynic I am).


I taught an Ambassador Only workout for aSweatLife at SALT, and Outdoor Voices gave those of us teaching a TechSweat outfit. It included their TechSweat Leggings and Doing Things Bra. I put them on, taught two classes, and honestly I’m never turning back. I fell in LOVE. I felt simultaneously supported and like I was wearing nothing. Additionally the bra came off easily (unlike some sports bras you have to RIP OFF YOUR BODY when it’s sweaty). And so began my latest obsession.

OV opened up shop on that fun stretch of Armitage in Lincoln Park that also contains Foxtrot and Lush. Basically a giant paycheck demolisher. It’s awesome and I both highly recommended and highly advise against going there.


Their shop is really, really neat. I hope they don’t mind me sharing a few pics of their shop, because I just have to. Additionally they do monthly events, including a badass roller disco party catered by Shake Shack with an OPEN BAR, runs within the community, yoga, dance classes and more.

Their sets (a bra/crop and leggings) are available for $95! Some of my fave items are below

My faves

  • Anything TechSweat (the new versions have an AWESOME waistband)

  • The Doing Things Bra

  • 7/8 Springs Leggings

  • Athena Crop Top

  • TechSweat Crop Top

  • Slashback Crop

  • Steeplechase Bra

  • Their dad hats!

  • There’s a Chicago exclusive crop sweatshirt I’m eyeing too

You can grab any of the above at this link HERE and snag a discount ($20 off $100!)

Interested in their events? I gotchu. The link for their monthly events is here! All the cities are at that link, so scroll to Chicago (or your closest city!)

What are your OV faves? I’m excited to try their shorts for marathon training! Let me know below in the comments!