Ain't no party like a Nike party.

Seriously. Think floating sneakers, unlimited appetizers and prosecco, a photo shoot and Chance the Rapper. I think the phrase is "it was Lit?" I'm not sure. The only Lit I know is a band from the 90s. I've never claimed to be hip.

On Saturday, the eve of 3.26 Nike Air Max Day, the 30th Anniversary of Nike's legendary Air, Nike threw down at Event Creative in West Town. I might not be cool/hip/"with it" but I certainly felt cool on Saturday evening. 

The event for me started off with a run that began at Nike Running Bucktown. If you got there early (I did not) you could trial the new Vapor Max running shoes. Instead, I wore my Sauconys. I'm a rebel. I technically didn't get a specific invite to that, but managed to get in somehow anyway.

From there, it was an easy 2.2 mile run to Event Creative in the West Town area. Nothing too specific about the run. Once we arrived at the space, we were given some toiletries to freshen up and head into the main event: the Sneakeasy party!

This whole event was kind of ridiculous. It was hands down the fanciest event I've ever been to. The wine and beer was flowing and I felt like I saw so many people I knew in the fitness community, which was nice. It's fun to catch up in a carefree setting, not in running clothes for a change!

The decor was out of this world, seriously. Above the bar, there were "floating" Vapor Max shoes. There were art installations from local artists, and my favorie part: a photo "booth" with the incredibly talented Mike Killion taking the photos.

It was a really unique and fun night that is difficult to describe. My favorite part was getting to hang out with my fit friends in a totally unique and different setting. I'm pretty sure none of them had seen me in a dress before, that's for sure. But no worries, once my Steve Madden velvet boots started killing my feet, it was back to my running shoes for me!

If you want to make it to events like these, check out Nike Chicago on Twitter and follow them on facebook! That's where they post the sign-up links! You never know what the event will be, or who will show up (in this case, it was Chance the Rapper coming out to support his little brother!)

See you at the next one!