Life Updates + Sober September

Hi Everyone! I wanted to give you guys an update on my life (work, marathon training, etc) and give you a brief preview of my marathon wellness prep

First of all, my hair is blue, and I couldn't be more excited! I saw Antoinette at Salon Anastasia as a Hair Model (she's Anastasia's Hair Painting Apprentice) and got the exact brilliant turquoise color I wanted! I'm so obsessed. It's beautiful. You can book here!


Next! Marathon Training hit a major snag when my allergies attacked and turned into a Sinus Infection. It had me barely able to teach and pretty much incapacitated from running for almost two weeks. I'm going for a run tonight to break the rust off and get moving again. It makes me so nervous this close to the marathon to be sick, but I know I still have plenty of days to get in miles.

In order to make sure my energy levels are improving (thank you to everyone who responded to my story on Instagram with advice!) I'll be revamping my nutrition leading up to the marathon. For me, this missing cutting ties with my beloved Red Bull and sticking to coffee and tea, and it also means Sober September. My only exception will be on my birthday (September 30) I will be going to Cindy's and I'll have a drink there. Want to join me for Sober September? Do it! Shoot me a DM and I'll be there with encouraging words.

A larger-scale post about marathon nutrition is coming next week!