Winter/Post Holiday Blues, Fitness, and A New Year.

My first post of 2018 is an important one. Winter Blues...or Post-Holiday Blues. They hit so hard this year, likely due to my ongoing unemployment.

This year, I don't have much to distract me, other than fitness and friends. Stephen has been sick with the flu and out of town, and I haven't really seen other humans in the past week, unless you count the 32421847902371 times I have watched the three new Star Trek movies. (I can't bring myself to binge TOS because my dad and I always watch it together, and I'm too homesick for that right now.)

Last week felt stunningly long, but this week won't, and I'm gonna tell you why: Sweatworking Week. 


This week, I've got a full schedule of fitness classes. I kicked it off this morning with a 45 minute class at Flywheel Gold Coast, where I came in 8th place (it technically said 6, but Jeana and another girl in the top ten had to leave about 7 minutes early so they fell beneath me). I sent my dad a text after and remarked about how good I felt, and realized that fitness is and has been for a long time, my best stress reliever. Two years ago, as I stumbled out of a short relationship where I fell way too hard for a fellow Trekkie, I met my friend Jenn (her paleo/Whole 30 instagram linked HERE). She took me to Nike Training Club events, which led to Nike Run Club events, which led to running races and so on until I ended up here, a fitness blogger and instructor. All of that came out of a deep, deep sadness and inadequacy I felt, and it pulled me from the depths. And it's what I'm leaning on now.

Are you feeling the Winter Blues as well? Just remember you have people who love you, the days are getting longer, and you are stronger than you think, physically and mentally. If you have time this week, there are still openings for Sweatworking Week! You can find the schedule HERE. As for me, here's where you can find me:

Tuesday: 7am Barry's and 7pm [solidcore]

Wednesday: I'm teaching at Cycle X, 6am and 7:30pm (Pop Punk Theme)

Friday: PRE Brands lunch and learn and 7:30pm EDGE Athlete Lounge

Saturday Fitness Festival: 9am Ladies who Lift, 1:30pm On Your Mark, 3pm Bare Feet Power Yoga

My new mantra for 2018? "Fortune favors the Bold" and maybe it's all the Star Trek talking, but I challenge you to boldly go.