Fitness Fridays: Progress and Settling into a Routine

(I know. It's Tuesday)

So we're two months into 2016. Hard to believe, I know. I wanted to take a moment to track my progress not only for friends and family, but also myself. So after consistently attending yoga classes since October, and attending Nike classes for three weeks, here's what I look like:


Photo featuring my sick calf muscles and a ball of Oliver fur. 

In short, I'm in the best shape of my life. My yoga poses have become so much stronger and more accessible. Before I saw visual progress, I saw progress in my strength. 

So you're probably wondering what I ended up settling on, after ClassPass. Funny enough, I stuck with my original yoga studio Yoga Six. I cancelled ClassPass and signed up for an unlimited monthly membership at Yoga Six, which I combine with the 100% free Nike classes. My current weekly routine looks like this:

  • Mondays: Barre at Nike Training Club over lunch (Free)
  • Tuesday: Nike Run Club Speed Run
  • Wednesday: Yoga on lunch at Ohm Culture (taught by a Y6 Instructor)
  • Thursday: Deep Stretch at Yoga Six
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Morning Vinyasa at Yoga Six
  • Sunday: Flow at Yoga Six followed by Meditation at Yoga Six

Occasionally throughout the week there will be special Nike Training Club events I attend.

Below are some photos of my progress! I hope my routine and progress will help you establish a routine of your own!