Fitness Friday: The Nike Training Club

Fitness Friday going up actually on a Friday! Look at me--making strides. 

A new friend recently introduced me to the wonderful world of free workouts through the Nike Training Club, and I very much wish I had gotten involved as soon as I moved up here. 

Every Sunday at 2, I log in to my Nike+ account and register for a 30-minute lunchtime barre class on Monday, at the Nike Training Club on Michigan Ave. For all of my Chicago people, it's located above the flagship store, and the entrance is next to Cole Haan. 

For a 30 minute class, it definitely kicks your butt. I left sore and sweaty and pumped up. It was an awesome way to get me through my Monday. I loved it. They provide yoga/workout mats, the barre, weights, water, and a towel. Just bring yourself in your workout clothes and socks. You don't have to wear Nike, but I tried to. I feel like it's polite to, since the class is free, haha. 

In addition to these classes, Nike also runs challenges. Last month's was aptly themed around "Chiberia" and encouraged Chicagoans to get out and exercise despite the cold. The latest challenge is 8 weeks long and revolves around Nike's mini-series, Margot vs. Lily. I encourage you to check it out. I'll be completing the featured workouts on the Nike Training Club app and documenting my progress on my Instagram (which you can follow by clicking here). I'm also looking into Nike Run Club events to help me begin preparing for my half-marathon in November! 

I'm excited to still be going strong on my fitness journey! 2016 had a bit of a rocky start, but I'm pressing on.