Sorta Fitness Fridays: Golf

Alright, I can already see all of your eyes rolling about how golf doesn't involve fitness, and I'm here to tell you you're wrong. Last weekend was Miller Open #29 (an annual family reunion involving golf, cards, alcohol and the coolest family a girl could ask for), and my two rounds of golf nearly killed me. (Yet for some reason, I still love it.)

This year's outing was in Bloomington, IN (aka the Motherland) at a little "resort" off of Lake Monroe/the Monroe Reservoir, called Fourwinds Resort. I personally was not the biggest fan--we could hear actual full conversations from our next door neighbors, and our toilet leaked. But ces't la vie--we still had an amazing time with beautiful views.

I started off my golf adventure way better than I ended it. Saturday morning, I was paired with two of my cousins, Anne and Ashley, and my great-aunt, Paula. I warned them repeatedly that since I had to miss the golf outing last year, I had not golfed in two years and it was about to be awful. Despite being stung on my right hand by two different sweat bees, I finished with a 109 after 18 holes (that's decent) on Saturday. 

Friday and Saturday evenings we ventured into Bloomington for dinner. Friday was fairly standard at Mother Bear's (because of course) where we got a sausage and pepperoni pizza, cheese sticks with ranch, and house salads with ranch. If you're going to Bloomington, you have GOT to try Mother Bear's homemade ranch dressing. It's amazing. After, we stopped by Chocolate Moose for some ice cream! 

Saturday night we went to Janko's Little Zagreb, a fantastic and casual steakhouse known for being a powerful recruiting technique for IU's sports teams (I'm only partially kidding). I spotted the below curated art along the B-Line trail after dinner!

But enough about food. Back to fitness. Sunday was a struggle. If you've ever thought "hmm. I should golf to relax" I'm here to tell you not to go in with that mindset. Golf is tough, and if you're fatigued, it's even tougher, which results in more fatigue. I didn't even ask for my score Sunday--it was that bad. At that point I was just plain tired, and also sunburned. Advice: go into golf refreshed, with lots of sunscreen and prepared to walk.

So I know that was a weird and brief Fitness Friday, but I did want to share a bit about the golf outing! Let me know if you any anything you'd like me to try fitness-wise: