Fitness Friday: Studio Lagree (River North)

As I promised in my #SweatworkingWeek post last Friday, I'm going to be exploring a few studios I've tried recently, on here in the coming weeks. The first studio I'm starting with is Studio Lagree (River North)! Studio Lagree has had locations in Chicago for a while now, but the one in River North is fairly new (and in an awesome location, right by True Food Kitchen, Sweetgreen, and Barry's!).

NOTE: The pictures I'm posting throughout this article are courtesy of Studio Lagree and aSweatLife.

Our 7am group for Sweatworking Week!

Our 7am group for Sweatworking Week!

My first experience at Studio Lagree in River North was with Jenn (see her instagram here!) on evening before Christmas. We both signed up through ClassPass for the class (we both have the $60/month plan that allows us to take 5 classes) and took a 6:30 class...on a Friday. Needless to say, it was a pretty sparse group...of three of us. The nice thing is that it allowed each of us to get personalized attention from the instructor. Considering we were all three brand new, that was much needed and much appreciated. 

The big difference about this class from the pilates I had done in the past, is that this was reformer pilates. What that means is you are on this crazy looking torture device of a machine with a moving platform, a bunch of bars and straps, and a bunch of resistance cables. The reformer is an extremely effective way to work on stability and core strength all at once. 

Intimidating, right? Right. Well, at first, anyway. It gets better as you play around on it more. You can either wear socks (I actually wear my Nike Studio Wraps) or go barefoot on them. I would recommend grippy socks or studio wraps, honestly. You keep a better grip with those anyway. 

I would run you through a typical workout, but as far as I can tell, there isn't one. Both classes I've taken have been very different, though they both incorporated working your full body. Tricep dips, squats on the reformer, planks, etc are all made extra difficult and more efficient by having to contract your muscles to hold the carriage (the moving platform in the middle) in place. 

Let me give you a rundown...

Where: 24 E Erie Street (River North)

What: Reformer Pilates


Investment: Initial Class is $15, a "newcomer pack" is $118, and a single class after that is $35. Or you can get ClassPass. (If you do decide to get ClassPass, use this link --You'll get $30 off your first month!)

Where it hurt the next day: inner thighs, core, butt

And that about sums it up! Questions? Leave a comment!