Fitness Fridays on a Thursday: [Solidcore]

MERRY CHRISTMAS! And to my Jewish friends, Happy Belated Hanukkah! I come bringing tidings of a workout that will prevent you from sneezing comfortably for a week, minimum.

[Solidcore]! Pilates just got way tougher (as if reformer pilates weren't tough enough). With Todd Boergermann (a native of Texas) at the helm, Chicago's first [Solidcore] location is already off to one awesome start. Tons of sold out classes and THREE sold out Sweatworking Week classes laud just how effective and efficient of a workout this place truly is.

Honestly, part of what I love is the aesthetic. The studio is dim and highlighted blue with mirrors on both sides and reformers straight in a row, which I prefer over the staggered reformers and noticeably few mirror of Studio Lagree in River North. I really need to be able to see what I'm doing, especially with my crooked knees, and [solidcore] gets me there. I also love the added difficulty of the hand weights and the painted lines, which keep you accountable as you move the sled back and forth along the reformer. 


So far I've only made it to Todd's class (seriously y'all, I love him. Give him a follow on the 'gram @toddboergermann) but the "brand" of Solidcore involves quick counting and instructions to keep you constantly moving with little downtime. This maximizes your time in studio and gives makes the time absolutely fly by as well. Todd is also great about providing modifications for those of us with no core or glute strength (yours truly). 


I'm prepping some questions for girlboss founder Anne, so look for that article after the holidays. In the meantime, pop over to the [solidcore] website and BOOK A CLASS! You're in for a serious treat, and be prepared to wince when you laugh for a week or so. If you do sign up for a class, be sure to tell them I sent you on the site by leaving my name (Brittany Tempest, duh).