Race 11: Hot Chocolate 15k

This is going to be the lamest post ever. I put off posting it because there were NO race photos of me! Not one! BUT I did have a major PR, so we're gonna talk about it.

This was my second Hot Chocolate race, but my first Hot Chocolate 15k. It was a lot of fun, as always, and the expo was...well, I mean, it IS the Hot Chocolate. The expo is rarely stellar. I did get a really cool race souvenir though: a fleece blanket! It's probably my favorite race goody, ever. It's definitely the most practical. It's warm cream colored fleece on one side and brown, taupe, and green plaid with a big Hot Chocolate logo patch on the other!

Ignoring that they're 100% a rip off of the Scuba Hoodie by Lululemon (alllll the way down to the sipper pull and hood logo placement) the sweatshirts were better this year. I've actually worn this year's, which is shocking in itself. 

The medals were neat! There's a "collectible magnet" on them with the city. What that really means is that they found a cheap way to mass manufacture medals by including a little metal magnet with the city rather than entirely new medals. It was nice though, and I promise I won't complain.

The course is...long. Have you ever taken Michigan Ave all the way to Bronzeville? No? You would never go that way? Well, if you run this race, you're going that way. And then weirdly winding around and doubling back three or four times to hit the distance. It was a weird course and I can't say I was a fan. However, the beautiful weather (there was a slight rain at one point but it was mostly sunny and was unseasonably warm) made it a beautiful run nonetheless.

There's your quick, nearly photo-less review! Here's your one photo!