Race 12: The runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

A couple of weeks ago, I crashed my parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary trip to Walt Disney World in Florida and ran the Wine an Dine Half Marathon! My friend Kate and I packed up and headed to a warmer climate with little to no training (AGAIN) and ran our hearts out, in between eating and riding as many rides as possible. To prevent this post from getting out of hand (I like my posts to be succinct) I'm going to sum it up into likes, dislikes, and a whole lot of photos!

Things I liked:

I really did like this race as a whole. The after party was really cool, the parts of the course that went through the parks were really cool. There were really unique characters along the way, too! (can anyone say TaleSpin?!) The shirts were great, the medals were great. I really loved the expo. I saw both some familiar vendors and some new, and Disney itself had some amazing items up for purchase. I love my Wine and Dine Half Sweaty Band! I purchased the Runner Bundle and was really glad I did; I got an exclusive Tervis Tumbler Wine and Dine "wine tumbler" and a really attractive running hat that I'm low-key obsessed with. 

Things I didn't like:

The course wasn't really that...distracting. It was actually really boring. Other than the wink we were in Animal Kingdom and Epcot, it was just...roads. Boring roads. Also, the expo was a bit difficult to get to and from (buses stopped BEFORE the expo was over, not after) and was tough to navigate. Lots of different, mostly-empty buildings housed everything. Also, finishing in Epcot's parking lot made the finish line feel very sterile, for lack of a better word.

Overall, I had such a great time I decided to sign up for more Disney races. I'm running the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge in February for the charity Sophie and Madigan's playground--keep your eyes peeled for the donation link and information on my first ever charity event here in Chicago! Enjoy the photos below!