Memorial Day Weekend Recap and Race Two

Memorial Day. The start of summer, and the day that signifies crappy weather is mostly gone until at least October-ish. My past Memorial Day Weekends have meant getting on a school bus at 4 or 5 am to go march around the track at the Indy 500--this year was a bit different. 

I started my Memorial Day Weekend off with a 7am starting time for the Soldier Field 10 Miler on Saturday. The race was a pretty amazing way to start my Memorial Day Weekend. There was a bugler at the start line to play taps in honor of the fallen soldiers this year, and to play before we started, as well as high school bands along the route playing inspirational tunes (I heard Gonna Fly Now on my way back). The really poignant moment came when a uniformed service woman or man put your medal around your neck after you crossed the finish line. After completely neglecting literally all of my training for the entire month of May (I ran a grand total of twice the entire month) I was absolutely thrilled with the fact that I didn't stop running at all, kept a steady pace with negative splits (meaning my last five miles was faster than my first) and ended with a time of 1:39:36! Absolutely thrilled. This has shown me that I can conquer my half this fall. (I've decided to defer my BOA Chicago Marathon entry for one year to avoid injury before my big Disney World trip and race this fall--more on that in an upcoming post) Because of this amazing race, I went into Memorial Day Weekend feeling strong and confident in all aspects of my life.

Saturday evening after the race, Stephen and I hit up Burger Bar for a ton of amazing and greasy food to reward myself for a great race!


My weekend continued with relaxation and time spent with Stephen and friends! We had lunch on the roof of Rock Bottom Brewery on Sunday, followed by a nice walk home for some fresh air.

Monday, for Memorial Day, we hunted down a rooftop brunch/lunch spot to enjoy the weather. We found a pretty unique spot with an absolutely beautiful terrace where we could have lunch. I'm not going to go into much detail, because I'd like to keep this place a secret. ;) We followed this up with delicious gelato from Amorino in the Gold Coast, and Stephen and I hit up a newsstand on the way back to my apartment and grabbed a copy of Paris Vogue and Italian Vogue to peruse during the our lazy Monday afternoon.

 hope you had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends!