Races 4 and 5: The Rock n Roll Chicago 5k and 10k

So this is going up waaaaaaay late. I'm sorry guys. I've been dealing with this "mid-twenties crisis" and basically gave up on my fitness for like three months before I was like "Wait, I'm happiest when I'm fit and healthy" and slapped myself back into gear. So I'm back. Again. This keeps happening, I know.

In mid-July, I ran both the Rock n Roll 5k and the Rock n Roll 10k! I loved these races (though I wish I had done the half and gotten the full experience) and came out with some life lessons, a PR, and three awesome medals!

The 5k was...well, a 5k. I really, really wasn't feeling it. I came out of the gate hot because I was frustrated with walkers being in my corral and was trying to make a selfish, prideful point. Lesson learned. My first mile was a 7:30 pace and I cannot sustain that. I still finished with a decent time, but I wasn't thrilled with the performance in general.

The 10k was a different story. I paced well, felt amazing, and actually had my headphones on so I was distracted and motivated by my playlist. I finished with a PR of 57'56" and was damn thrilled. I got my 10k medal and my "Remix Challenge" medal and even grabbed a really, really awesome Brooks running jacket that packs into itself on my way out. Overall, it was a great day and a great race.

Not a ton of updates on these races, but I do have some awesome pictures for you all! The Big 10k is this weekend and I'll hopefully have better pictures and a great story after that! Go Hoosiers!