Race 7: Mag Mile Half Marathon (My first half!)

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Just less than a week ago, I ran my first half marathon. I finished with a time of 2:09:02 and didn't die. Both are huge accomplishments in my book!

I didn't train well for this race at all, and it unfortunately showed. This is what my finish line photo looks like:

Aren't I beautiful?

Aren't I beautiful?

So yeah. I recommend training. I was sore until yesterday (that's four days later, FYI). But guess what? I'm hooked. Everyone said I would be hooked and I am. I need to sign up for MORE! So many more!! 

I'm proud to say that I only walked twice, and managed a final sprint at the end to the finish line (which is why I look so miserable in that photo). I saw amazing friends, including some Insta-Friends for the first time in real life, and had an amazing couple of cheerleaders at the finish waiting for me (Shout out to Kate and Jax)!

As a result of this awesome experience, I decided to sign up for Chicago Endurance Sports's Winter Warriors training group. Winter is my favorite time to run, and I'm incredibly excited to join this group of runners, leading up to two half marathons in the spring, including the destination half for the group: The Rock n Roll Half in New Orleans! Interested? Find info here!

#CESOldTown #WinterWarriors

#CESOldTown #WinterWarriors

So glad I ran this race, and so glad to be a runner!