Spring Races: Abridged

I try to write a recap of every race I run. But right around the first weekend in May, things went south at my job. I was having trouble getting out of bed everyday and not only did my race results show it, so did my lack of posts. So here is a quick recap of five races I did. Three of them were in one weekend that will be summed up in one section below. These are races 20-25

The Flying Pig Marathon Weekend

Where: Cincinnati, OH

Races: I ran the one miler Friday(not much to say about it), the 5k and 10k Saturday and the Half Marathon Sunday morning. I almost died, I swear.

Recap: The 5k and 10k were nice little indicators letting me know how out of shape I was. I knew I was in trouble, especially with the hills. When I finished those and drove back home to my parents' house, I knew the next day was going to be no short of Hell. And it was. The race has amazing crowd support but it's SO HILLY. Part of it is a 4 mile hill. I wish I were joking, but I'm not. The final 5k downhill felt nice, but it was hot and I had to pee and I had a stomach ache the whole morning that caught up with me at mile 10. I spent a majority of the race limping. I was miserable. I was proud to finish, however, and I LOVE all of the medals from this event. Small/regular sized and heavily detailed with event details on it.

Finish time for the half: 2:17:19 (I think) I try not to think about this one.

Chicago Spring Half Marathon/10k

Where: Chicago, IL

Race I Ran: 10k

Recap: Nothing too special about this one. I signed up last minute and ran with a discount code from Fleet Feet Racing. It was fine, but I will say it was odd that rather than starting with the half and branching off, we went after they began. It was a beautiful day, but the medal was HUGE and gaudy. I hate huge medals so much.

Time: Somewhere around 55 minutes.

Soldier Field 10 Miler

Where: Chicago, IL

Race I Ran: 10 Miler

Recap: The weather was absolutely perfect and the start line being moved to Soldier Field, while inconvenient, was neat. They played taps before hand, and the young man beside me sobbed heavily. It was a very moving moment before the race and I did truly enjoy it, despite the chaos. I definitely enjoyed being able to walk around the post-race party for a change, since my starting wave was higher up and I ran a zippy race. I've decided though, that I'm not a fan of the out and back lakefront path course. I definitely prefer races with some varied scenery.

Time: PR of 1:37:43

So there is the recap! We're all caught up for the summer and I'm excited to share my races on the road to Chicago Marathon!