Half Marathon #6 & a Marathon Training Update

This post is super delayed because in slightly less relevant news, I got a new job! I haven't really had lunches and evenings free to write lately so I'm playing catch up. Again. Yeah yeah. I know. Sue me.

The Rock n Roll Half Marathon was my fifth (I think) half and by far my best. I had a 6 minute PR with a time of 2:02:19 and nearly broke two hours. It's gonna happen soon, I can feel it. The weather was great considering it was mid July and I have to say, being a part of a team that had a cheering squad was so amazing. Mile 8 is a tough one for me so seeing EDGE there cheering for me made all the difference and helped me power through the last five miles. 

I've been training for the Chicago Marathon with EDGE and I have never in my life A) enjoyed running so much and B) felt so strong. I had to miss last Saturday's long run (not for Lollapalooza, but because I was teaching at CycleBar) and it broke my heart after my longest run ever on July 29 (15 miles!). Not only has my pace been more consistent, but I've felt in control and have been gradually getting faster and stronger. Nothing beats that feeling. I'm starting to feel prepared for the marathon and I'm only halfway there! Plus their recovery tools (which are their bread and butter) are absolutely top notch. Nothing like 8 minutes in 50 degree water, followed by 8 beautiful minutes in a hot tub, followed by a final 4 minutes in hell's cold water to get your legs feeling fresh as daisies! It seriously works and I highly recommend hitting them up to recover!

Anyway. That's all I'll rave for now. Did you run the Rock n Roll Half in Chicago this year? How'd it go for you?