CARA + OrangeTheory Ready to Run 20 Miler

I want the record to show that I got every thing I deserved at this run on Sunday. EVERYTHING I DESERVED.

Most of you are aware at this point that while I’ve been running, working on mobility, and lifting this summer, I haven’t been following an actual training plan for the marathon. YES I KNOW. I KNOW.

Well, I knew I had to do at least two components of marathon training: my 20 miler and the subsequent 13 miler the week following. Woof. I haven’t allowed myself to purchase any marathon gear because I haven’t had the most confidence that I’ll finish, to be completely honest. The 20 miler was my test.

I’m not making any excuses for this run. Yes it was hot, yes there were only water stops every 2.5 miles instead of every mile like the marathon, blah blah. I was straight undertrained for that madness. I made it to 9 with my pacer, then he dropped (we were running 10 min/mi). I do not blame him. It was approaching 80 degrees. However, then this cocky kid decided he could still pace and had us running a 9:30. Nuh uh honey. So the group naturally falls to pieces and being the giant, unstable headcase I am, I got pissed off and walked for the first time at mile 13. I’d been hitting right around my 10 min/mi goal until then. I decided to stop, pee, and regroup.

My first steps after my bio break, I felt like a newborn baby giraffe taking my first steps. Like what-is-running-even-style steps. I finally hit my stride, and at mile 14 I started to get sore and bored. My left hamstring was like “nah bitch you didn’t train now look where you are.” And again, I’m a headcase, so I convinced myself I couldn’t run and instead started a very dubious run/walk strategy. That continued to mile 19, where I finally called myself some choice names and started running to finish it off. Also LOL that my watch reads 19.99 because I didn’t start it fast enough after my bio break. UGH.

Despite trudging through what felt like LITERAL hell for the last 6 unshaded, asphalt miles, there were positives. I met some hilarious and amazing people, got a sick shirt, and my friend Kate and her dog Jax met me along the course AND at the finish line, AND drove me back into the Grant Park area to catch my 151 bus home. (Her rental car time was running short). She was fantastic and is a truly amazing friend.

Additionally, I ran a long run in my Lululemon Pack Your Rack bra for the first time (Lydia Nader found a Nike version that’s better, but I hate having to order things online without trying them) and stuffed my boob pockets full of Science in Sport, which performed FANTASTICALLY. I also fit two gels in my Lululemon Speed Up shorts, so I am SET for gear storage this year!

But yeah. I do I feel like I can do 26.2? Yes. Am I going to hate it? Probably. Will I stop for tequila in Pilsen? There’s a 99% chance. Will I sign up again next year? EFFING PROBABLY. Bah. Running man. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. <3