Nike Race_002 Recap & Looking to Race_003

So a couple of weeks ago, I did something badass. I sucked at it, I embraced the suck, and had the time of my life. I raced an 800m race among sub-elite women, up and down a parking garage in the Loop, and I didn't come in last (that was my only goal). I ran Nike's Race_002!


Nike hooked me up with a new pair of amazing kicks (the Pegasus 35) and sent me on my way. The event was so cool. It truly felt every bit of the unsanctioned race it was meant to, and it was badass seeing all of the crews out to support their runners. I got to hang out with my badass aSweatLife babes!


In addition, there were paletas (they were DELICIOUS) and beers to be had! I saw so many friends I hadn't seen in ages and it was awesome to see Coach Robyn yelling for me at the finish, even if she isn't technically my coach anymore. My race number is hanging with pride on my wall, and I got this awesome shirt custom made (all race participants got one for free). They had a sick Porsche there as well to take photos with, as they were celebrating the launch of the Pegasus Turbo!


The race itself was truly unofficial feeling. Luc Larson drew a chalk start and finish line on the ground, they blew a blow horn, and we sprinted down three levels of parking garage ramps and back up! I was running a 7:42 pace and finished riiiiight near the end. Afterwards, I retrieved my bag from bag check and got to watch the men take off! They had a sick photo finish!

It was such a neat event that was open to ANYONE of ANY pace. If you want to push yourself or do something that makes you uncomfortable, get out here and race on Thursday! Race_003 is at Goose Island and will cost you $10, which gets you refreshments and a t-shirt! This week's race is a 6k!


If you have any questions, drop me a comment below!! I hope to see you there, no matter what your pace is!