Race 8: Chicago 5k (And Half Marathon)

Hi everyone! There's a huge delay to this post due to a family emergency, but I'm here to give you some awesome pictures from the Chicago Half Marathon and 5k and to tell you about a race that I nearly PR'd!

My awesome friend Joanna was race guarding that day and made me a sign!!!

My awesome friend Joanna was race guarding that day and made me a sign!!!

It was a little crazy getting there, to start. It's all the way south of the Museum of Science and Industry, and despite the Metra being an option, I chose to schedule an Uber. So here's my warning to all of you runners for the Chicago Marathon Sunday: DO NOT USE UBER. I mean, I'll never use them again after this, but when you use their new, highly touted feature to schedule a ride, it will NOT notify you of surges and your quote for fare will be the base fare BEFORE the surge that you can't find information on (they don't show it on the main screen any longer, there's just a "we're busier than ususal" thing with no info about the actual fare amount until you book, which you don't do with the scheduling feature so you'll have ZERO clue what the surge is). I would recommend using public transit (Google Maps can get you there 100% by public transit) or a cab. They get a bad wrap, but they're almost always cheaper than uber now that Uber's base fare is higher, plus they know where they're going 100%.

The race itself was fun! It was a quick run around the area and was a fast course. I ran a near PR (28'03") and LOVED the medal. Omg. It's the Chicago flag's star! It was better than the half medal, in my opion (but what do I know?). It was easy to meet back up with my boyfriend after and they had Curate bars and bananas at the finish line, along with chips and a sports drink. The 5k wasn't the main event, so I don't have a ton to say about it, but I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get involed without running the half!

Tomorrow I run the Inaugural International 5k as part of the Chicago Marathon weekend! I'll be sure to update you guys with any photos! I get to go to the expo for it, and I'm going to try SO HARD not to spend money there (but I think I need a new sweaty band or two ;) )